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Welcome to Flo TVs. Watch your favorite shows in the Channel Lineup for Flo TV. Here, no matter where you are, you can turn on Flo TV, and watch what you want, when you want. The Channel Lineup for Flo TV is a simple, convenient solution to those who live a progressive lifestyle. TV Shows in all genres, for all ages are widely accessible and available at a time of your choosing. The Channel Lineup for Flo TV even has a "tell us" allows you the customer to inform them of a specific show you would like provided on the Flo TV Service. You can fill out a simple online form and send it to them. No longer will you have to accept what is on regular TV at a certain time of day. The Flo TV Channel Lineup is unique to you. Currently Flo TV offers 19 channel options.

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Flo TV News Channels

cnn on flo tvCNN is your network for everything News Related. Programming highlights include Anderson Cooper 360, American Morning and the CNN Newsroom, one of the most prefered Channels on Flo TV.

msnbc on flo tvFor breaking new coverage on an array of issues, to unbiased, fair reporting, MSNBC has you covered as they are at the forefront of today's news world. MSNBC keep you informed and educated. Shows such as Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Meet the Press and MSNBC Live ensure the highest quality news reports today.

fox news channel flo televisionFox News covers every angle of outlets happening in your world today.  "Fair and Balanced" reporting gives you all the popular shows that people are sure to be talking about such as FOX Report, Hannity and Glenn Beck. Fox News is a very popular choice amongst all the Flo TV Programming.

flo tv channel cnbcIf you are one who likes to be continuously informed about the Business world and the Economy, CNBC is the Flo TV Channel for you. Keep up-to-date on the Financial Market and all National News. Popular network shows such as American Greed, Closing Bell and Mad Money are available on the Channel Lineup for Flo TV.

espn flo tv channelThe most popular sports network in history is available as ESPN is brought to Flo TV. ESPN is all sports, all the time and with shows such as Around the Horn, ESPN News and Baseball Tonight, any sports fan will be able to keep up with their favorite team no matter where they are.

nickelodeon channel on flo tvAnother channel on the Flo TV Network is the popular kids channel Nickelodeon, in which the young audience can laugh and enjoy themselves while enjoying the original programming. Popular shows such as SpongeBob and Dora the Explorer are available on the Nickelodeon Flo TV networks.

abc flo tv logoThe ABC network has created some of televisions most popular shows in history and continue to produce quality entertainment for all ages. From News, to daytime and prime time shows, watch ABC on Flo TV. Watch shows like Desperate Housewives, LOST and Grey's Anatomy on this Channel of Flo TV.

food network on flo tvHungry? The Channel Lineup for Flo TV has you covered with the Food Network in which customers can tune and view all entertainment cooking and food entertainment. With shows like 30 minute meals, Everyday Italian and Paula's home cooking, this is your one stop spot for everything food.


flo tv channel disney channelFlo TV Networks also provide the timeless Disney Channel where both Kids and parents can enjoy safe programming in youth culture entertainment. The Disney channel offers both shows and original movies. Popular shows such Hannah Montana, JONAS and The Suite life on Deck are a few of the shows available on the Disney network of Flo TV.


flo tv channel cbs networkThe most popular network in all of prime time television is CBS, and the channel lineup for Flo TV gives customers of every age, the opportunity to be entertained by all the networks' programs. Shows such as CSI, 60 Minutes and all CBS College Sports are a few of the popular segments on this Channel for Flo TV


fox network flo tv programmingFOX Mobile provides all daytime and prime time FOX network entertainment for all ages. This Flo TV Channel includes shows such as 24, Bones, FOX Sports and GLEE.


comedy central on floAll Comedy, all the time. The Comedy Central Network provides entertainment for all ages. Shows such as The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Chappelle's Show and Comedy Central Presents, make this unique channel must see on the Flo TV Channel Lineup.

the learning channel on flo tvThe TLC channel provides a unique view of real life and real people. Learn and experience situations from multiple angles and challenge your perceptions. The shows available on the TLC channel include 18 Kids & Counting, LA Ink and Cake Boss. 


2flo on flo tv2.FLO is the original channel created on the Channel Lineup of Flo TV. This channel displays "made-for-mobile" programming with entertainment such as Extra, Bat for Lashes and TMZ videos.

crackle flo tv moviesMovies? Flo TV has them on Crackle. No matter where you are, watch movies on the go and enjoy this blockbuster channel. Watch movies such as Ghostbusters, My Girl, Philadelphia and Blind Date.


adult swim flo television channelThe Adult Swim Network first appeared in 2001 and airs every night from 10pm-6am. This edgy, dark comedy network provides customers an escape with shows like The Boondocks, Family, Fullmetal Alchemist and Robot Chicken. This is now one of the channels available on Flo TV.

mtv tr3s flo tv channelThe Tr3s Channel on the network of Flo TV is provides non-English speaking customers the opportunity to watch culturally popular shows on this sister network of MTV. Shows such as Entertainment as a second language and Qiu and Ey as well as Rob and Big are available on this channel.

nbc on flo tv personal televisionNBC 2Go features an array of quality entertainment from News, daytime shows and a prime time lineup. The popular morning news such The Today Show is broadcast as well as prime time entertainment like the Biggest Loser and the Office. Laugh along as the The Tonight Show with Connan O'Brien

music television on flo tvThe hip channel, MTV, is a part of Flo TV's Channel Lineup. MTV continuously evolves and stays edgy, captivating the younger generation and playing a significant role in the culture of American Youth. Customers are provided with shows with TV shows such as The Hills, Made and the ever popular Music Videos. Check out FloTV on Amazon