Flo TV Activation



When you do purchase your Flo TV device and subscription, you will have to undergo the Flo TV Activation process. This process is simple, quick, and easy. You will have to have your device on hand, as you will be tying your account subscription to your actual New audiovox flo tvFlo TV. The process will require of you some information, including the name on the account, a login ID for future uses, and the subscription you would choose to accept.

In order to initiate the Flo TV Activation process, you will have to turn on the device you to which you wish to send the signal. You will need the device identification code, as well as the authorization code tied to your account. The identification code can be found in the Device Info tab in the settings menu, while the authorization code can be found through the Subscription Information tab in the same menu of the Flo TV Personal Television PTV 350. After you get you Flo TV, then you will need to call 1-888-993-5688 and this is where you will activate your Flo TV account. They will ask you to choose your subscription length, channels, followed by a payment method - usually a credit card. You will then have to confirm your order, which will finalize the Activation process for Flo TV.

Once these simple steps are taken, you will be well on your way to viewing Flo TV. The Flo TV Activation can be done in a manner of minutes, provided you have all of the information sorted out prior to beginning the process. If you have any confusion with the activation or identification numbers, then the Flo TV Serivce department will gladly help you along in the process. Thankfully, Flo TV has made certain to simplify the task in order to prevent difficulties arising from something as simple as Activating Flo TV subscriptions.

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