Flo TV Parental Control



flotv parental controlsWelcome to Flo TVs. As with any land based television, there is a way to enact Flo TV parental control. Since some of the Flo TV channels can some with some mature content, and many of these services will be viewed by children in the back seat of their parent's cars, the need for Parental Controls has run deep. In order to maintain a high level of service, these controls will allow parents to restrict what their children view.

With the use of the Flo Television parental controls, parents will be able to restrict viewing across multiple options. You may either block ratings, such as anything higher than G, or the entire channel on a whole. Safe viewing can be had, provided you make the choice to block certain types of programming on the Flo TV Service. You, the parent, can have full control over what your child may watch or even none at all.

The peace of mind afforded by Parental controls on the Flo TV is one that should not be ignored. Limiting television is as simple on the Flo TV as it is on a standard television, and requires nothing more than a personal password. After you choose which programming on the Flo TV Channel Lineup is prohibited from viewing, you can activate the safety web of the parental controls on Flo TV with the utmost rapidity.

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