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Welcome to Flo TVs. Now you can have FLO TV on your cell phone and enjoy hours on end of entertainment on the go, no matter where you are. FLO TV for Cell Phones offers costumers a chance to get all of the features of FLO TV, but directly on their unit from their service provider. FLO TV enabled Cell phones extend all the features of FLO TV without having to sacrifice both voice and data services of the cell phone plan. This advantage gives the customer the opportunity to watch all shows and channels provided by FLO TV directly to their cell phone, without any additional hassle, enjoying the latest and greatest in the area of mobile entertainment. Check out FloTV on Amazon  

verizon flo tv mobileVerizon has their V-Cast feature, which has teamed up with FLO TV, to provide their customers the opportunity to get the service on their current voice service and data plan. FLO TV programing is distributed in a "linear format" over the cell phone companies, in this case Verizon's, own network This enables Verizon to offer FLO TV while preserving the quality service. You can conveniently receive all channels from FLO TV on your cell phone, and enjoy watching your favorite shows on-the-go on the Flo TV Channel Lineup.

at&t flo tv mobile serviceYour AT&T Network can also receive FLO TV. Your cell phone has a FLO Chip and an antenna inside it that is able to acquire a signal from the FLO TV network. Receive premium service, with full length features, ranging from daytime, prime-time and News outlets. There are over 150 time-shifted programs available to you on FLO TV Enabled Cell Phones, so you can watch what you want, when you want. Due to its amazing diversity, Flo TV AT&T phones are increasing in popularity and scope. You can easily change from one channel to another on the entire network of FLO TV on your cell phone.

While Sprint TV and FLO TV do not currently have a contract with each other, though there is possible speculation that an accord could be reached in the near future. Sprint TV grants you access to many channels that are also offered by FLO TV. These channels range from sports, news and TV shows, including comedy shows to sports highlights. While most of the Flo TV Service provided is cell phone flo tvfree of charge, there are some premium channels that you will have to pay for if you would like access to them. You can even check out the latest blockbusters by renting movies.

The new era of mobile entertainment is upon us, and the features offered by FLO TV compatible Cell phones are an exciting way to experience the new waves in technology. No matter your life-style, FLO TV can cater to you with the channel line up that has something for everyone. FLO TV Cells phones provide you the customer with all of the latest upgrades in mobile entertainment, all the while maintaining the quality of service on your current voice and data services.

Check out FloTV on Amazon