Cost Of Flo TV Service



The Cost of FLO TV will be dependent on the type of service that you would like to receive. There are multiple ways to purchase and enjoy the latest in mobile entertainment. You can get FLO TV on your cell phone, in your car, or purchase a FLO TV personal television. The next wave of mobile technology is readily available to you in services that caters to your lifestyle. Take advantage of the hours of entertainment provided by FLO TVs, as the Cost of FLO TV is both affordable and flexible for all consumers.

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Cost Of Flo TV Personal Televisions

flo tvPurchasing a hand-held FLO TV personal television will cost you $249.99, and will include the first six months of service free. The service includes all of the available channels that FLO TV offers. The cost of FLO TVs service cost following the six months of free service will be $14.99 per month plus taxes. Your subscription will renew automatically unless otherwise requested.

Cost Of Flo TV In Your Car

FLO TV is available in new car models available, but can also be installed in older models. It can be put in backseat or front seat entertainment system, depending on the location. This service is available through select dealers across the entire country. For example, the car company Chrysler has a deal with FLO TV in which customers who purchase a new Chrysler model will have the option for the service that would cost $629 to install. After a year of free service, the e would be $119 annually. This works out to about $10 per month. Read our page about Flo TV in your car

Cost Of Flo TV On Your Cell Phone

flo tv mobileFLO TV is at the forefront of on-the-go mobile technology, and now includes an option for service directly onto your cell phone. Currently, both AT&T and Verizon Wireless have FLO TV capabilities, that are easily incorporated into your current voice and data service plan. The Price for FLO TV Service plans range from $9.99 per month to $14.99 per month, depending on the model of phone and service plan you have. Check out our Flo TV on your cell phone page for more.

More About The Cost Of Flo TV

The advancements in mobile technology allows for the FLO TV service to be conveniently implemented into your lifestyle. You can enjoy the hours of fun with out breaking the bank. The Cost of FLO TV allows for everyone the ability to have a good time with the newest wave in mobile entertainment. FLO TV is at your fingertips, all with a low price tag and a service that covers the desires of any who may want to join.

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