How Much Is Flo TV?



flo tv costWelcome to Flo TVs. Have you been wondering how much is Flo TV? If considering purchasing FLO TV, knowing the Cost of FLO TV is and the various service options available to you are important. The unit itself retails at $249.99 and includes six months of free service upon the purchase. After the six months of free service, a monthly fee begins at approximately $10, and will be charged to your credit card. Access to the channels provided by the FLO TV service is dependent upon your area and the service you choose.

If you want your Flo TV In Your Car, you will also have to be aware of certain difficulties that can be found here in, as well as the price associated with this. Not all cars can be fitted with a Flo TV service, so you may want to check with your manufacturer prior to searching for the product. The in car unit can cost as much as $600 dollars, though you may be able to find it cheaper. Installation is another price all together, and is based directly on your car as well as the shop installing it. The in car subscription is roughly the same cost as the standard service, and comes with a free subscription for a variable amount of time after purchasing the product.

attverizonThere are three different ways to acquire the service of FLO TV and that may change the answer of how much Flo TV cost. The first is the Personal Television, but in addition to that, you can get FLO TV for Cell Phones, and in your car. AT&T and Verizon Wireless both offer FLO TV service on certain phone models, that allow you to have the latest in mobile entertainment. Monthly fees from $10 to $15 will grant you access to the FLO TV service. Current voice and data plans will not be affected by the addition of the FLO TV service. As with cell phones, FLO TV can be installed and added into your car for use on-the-go. Annual fees are on average $120 for this service.

The cost of FLO TV is both affordable and made easy. No longer do you have to settle for what is on TV at a certain time. Take control of what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, and get the FLO TV service today. FLO TV Service caters to your entertainment needs. Do you need to know anything else about how much Flo TV service is? If so then keep on browsing our site for more info or check our Flo TV FAQs for questioned that are asked often.

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